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Build a song or a whole new opera

Build an Opera 2024

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About SongBuilders

SongBuilders will lead your children, workplace team or community group to create and perform brand new music. The SongBuilders team have been inspiring individuals to come together and express their shared ideas in devised musical theatre pieces since 2014. This year they are embarking on their first fully funded massed choir community project and they will see their Build an Opera summer school head into it’s 5th year.


The beauty of always creating new music wherever we go is that our approach is 100% scalable and adaptable. Here's how we have brought together many people young and old to discover their creative voice.



The creation of a brand new performance piece with orchestra and massed choir for the Horsham District Year of Culture. Participants will pen lyrics, fresh melodies and new musical ideas, which will be woven into a final performance piece at Christ's Hospital in Autumn 2019.


Build an Opera

Week long multi-art creative projects for schools and holiday clubs. Creating and performing a brand new piece of music theatre in just one week. Designing it from the ground up, participants write the stories, the words, the music and get covered in paint as they build the set, props and costumes.

Girl in long gown performing on stage. the girl singing on the stage in front of the spotl

Mini Opera Gala Team Building Event

Looking for something a little different for your next corporate team building event? We have worked with events organisers and large international corporations offering a bespoke experience where your team can find our what it is like to become an Italian opera chorus accompanied by a mini pro orchestra we can really help you feel like you are gracing the stage at Covent Garden.

business black woman shouting on the meg

Build a Voice

Tailored especially to your business, you can bring together shop floor workers and CEOs, or work with senior management or whole departments. The SongBuilders team can inspire your business through the writing and performing of brand new songs that speak to the heart of where your business is at. We provide adaptive and scaleable projects from a half-day workshop to a fully staged opera or workplace choir performance.


Who we are

SongBuilders is brought to you by composer Christopher Hussey and opera singer/ vocal leader Mark Bradbury.

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