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Build an Opera

Create and perform a brand new piece of musical theatre

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Songwriting, Scene painting, 
Acting, Singing,  Story writing, 
Set and Costume design, 
Mask making, Performing!

Get stuck into a world of creativity with tips on singing technique, costumes and sets to design, songs to write, sounds to discover and a story to make. Children will devise, compose, design, paint, and perform a brand new piece of music theatre in just one week.

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The beauty of always creating new music wherever we go is that our approach is 100% scalable and adaptable. Find a Build an Opera course near you this Summer...

Horsham Build an Opera 2023

We are excited to announce that booking is now open for Horsham's original Build an Opera course, which is back for the Summer of 2023 at a new venue to be announced soon. Subscribe to our mailing list using the form below to be the first to hear when booking opens.

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Putting on a show from the ground up!

We will encourage good natural voice production and our young operatic stars will devise, compose, stage and perform a brand new piece of music theatre from the ground up. There's no need to have previous experience as a singer, actor, artist or instrumentalist, but any of these skills will be drawn on as we work towards a performance at the end of the week.

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Brought to you by an inspiring team of professional musicians, composers and creative artists

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